FitLine Omega3+E provides our body with Vitamin E, omega 3 & soya lecithin in liquid form and cares for Blood Vessels, Regulates Cholestrol & Blood Pressure Improves Brain Metabolism, Memory & Concentration.

  • With microSolve micellized Omega 3 + E to care for blood vessels
  • Essential omega 3 fatty acid regulates blood lipid (cholestrol, triglycerides) and blood pressure levels.
  • Regulates the HDL – LDL levels in our blood for better heart functioning
  • Reduces and prevents lipid deposits in the blood vessels (atherosclerosis) and hence very beneficial for people with heart blockages.
  • Vitamin E promotes eyes health and improves vision – very beneficial for growing children.
  • Improves memory and concentration and also stimulates brain nerve cells – beneficial for people with depression and mood disorders.
  • Plays an important role in brain metabolism (support brain functions).
  • Easy-to-take liquid form
  • Omega 3 from high quality fish oil
  • Fresh and fruit taste
  • Gentle cold bottling without heat treatment
  • Without preservatives
  • With natural emulsifiers

Nutrition info

Serving size: 35 drops (1.67 ml/0.056 fl.oz.) Amount per Serving % Daily value*
Vitamin E 22.35 IU 74.5%
Omega-3/Fatty Acids

Of which DHA²

Of which EPA³

143 mg

125 mg

13 mg

DHA² = Docosahexaenoic acid

EPA³ = Eicosapentaenoic acid

INGREDIENTS: Glycerol, Water, Fish Oil rich in Omega-3 Fatty Acids Emulsifer(Soya Lecithin), Vitamin E, Natural Flavour.

 For your Heart & Brain

FitLine Omega 3+E promotes normal heart Function, brain function and eye health. It contains EPA and DHA, which contribute to the normal functioning of the heart with just two portions a day.

  • Essential omega 3 fatty acid support normal blood lipid and blood pressure levels
  • Maintains the HDL-LDL levels in the blood for improved functioning
  • Aids in the reduction of lipid deposits in the blood vessels
  • Vitamin E promotes eye health and vision
  • Enhances memory and concentration and stimulates brain nerve cells
  • Plays and important role in brain metabolism and supports brain functions
  • NTS supports optimum nutrients intake and bioavailability
  • Manufactured according to GMP standards

DIRECTIONS: Add 35 drops (1.67ml/0.056 fl.oz.) 1 to 2 times a day to any cool drink.