The Secrets of Optimized Diet in Sports

Sports Nutrition SupplementA correct diet has a fundamental influence on fitness, training condition and mental state” – excerpt from an international conference of sports nutrition experts in HotSpring, USA.

An optimal diet contributes to maximising an athlete performance and supports faster regeneration after training. This in turn helps to ensure top performance each day.

Unfortunately, the importance of an optimized and highly nutritious diet in sports is still underestimated and usually neglected.

Causes of nutrient deficiencies in athletes:

  • inadequate supply of nutrients, for example minerals and vitamins, in their basic diet. Lack of time, training plans, travel, knowledge of optimal diet plan etc could all result in an imbalanced diet.
  • increased need of nutrients. Compared to an average individual, an athlete may need more nutrients due to higher metabolism from sporting activities and increased excretion through perspiration.

AN INTERESTING FACT! The organisms of leisure athletes are often less well adapted to high levels of performance compared to top athletes. Hence they are affected by nutrient deficiency more regularly than top athletes.

Optimized Diet in Sports

Possible consequences of nutrient deficiency:

  • increased loss of electrolytes and fluids
  • drop in performance and energy
  • increased risk of injury
  • fatigue
  • slower regeneration
  • weakened immune system

Components of optimal diet:

  • secured basic supply of nutrients and vital substances (for example, carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins, minerals, fibers, bioactive substances, water)
  • additional requirements for those involved in sports and fitness

Optimal diet must be customised to the individual athlete. Their age, sex, type of sports and physical activity intensity will impact their requirements for energy and vital substances.

How FitLine helps professional athletes

Professional athletes wanting to reach the top must meet the ever increasing demand to improve their performances. It is no longer just about talent and training intensity.

Other factors such as nutrition and ability to regenerate are increasingly important in determining who will be victorious. FitLine users report

  • higher performance levels
  • improved competitive creativity
  • a greater desire to perform
  • a stronger immune system
  • greater ability to cope with pressure
  • quicker regeneration capacity
  • far greater resilience

Past experiences have shown that regular intake of FitLine products can lead to 2%-5% increase in performance of even the best-trained professional athletes.

This is further confirmed time and again through close contact with athlete, trainers, physiotherapists and sports consultants.

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